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Sensory Issues Guide and Check List

We specialize in many different services for adolescents to adults- including those with Depression and Anxiety, ADHD, Asperger's, Sensory Disorders that need may need positive support for a period in their lives. Many of these populations struggle with activities that include social, spiritual, and emotional difficulties that could last a lifetime without interventions. We have helped people find their strengths in difficult times by inspiring their hearts in a world that sometimes is not kind or caring.

Emergency Resources

National Suicide Crisis Line

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Other Important Numbers

Mental Health Crisis Number/ Line 24/7

Heatbeat International Option Line 24/7

Sexual Response Line (SARN)

Domestic Violence Hotline

Pro Life / Pregnancy Help


Senior Suicide Hot Line

Make a difference- contact congress:

Causes to believe in:    
Humane Society of Delaware County and Animal Abuse 
HealingWings Christian Counseling Partnering With Churches and Staff
We advocate to change the laws in United States for animal abuse! 

The below was a project from an 8th grade English class that I believed needed to be shared.

Please support your local Humane Society- We do in Delaware, Ohio in our surrounding counties! 

Thank you to Delaware Humane Society for their support of this project and their dedication to the lives and care of our greatest gifts and best friends!