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We are a provider for all of Optum/UNITED, Cigna, Humana, and BCBS  through our billing company. All others insurances- we maybe out of network but you can be reimbursed. If you are unsure, you can look for providers on your network's website or you may call your 800 number. will email you to set up an account to verify and bill your insurance for you. If you do not want to participate, we will be happy to set up self-pay account for you. 

We are out of network for all insurance companies and will help you process your insurance with referrals to resources that will help you bill your insurance. We cannot guarantee and do not have control over your insurance policy stipulations and we must have payment up front through check, cash, or credit cards, We also accept other forms such as credit cards, apple pay, health savings cards and bank cash accounts.  


Please check with your insurance company to see if we are in network in your area. WE do have a self pay rate if you choose not to use insurance. 



Health Savings Accounts/Out of Network:

Are we out of your network? No problem! There is now “an app for that!”  Better is an app that will walk you through collecting your out-of-network benefits after meeting with one of our clinicians. Simply download the app from your phone’s app store or click below!  In just three easy steps, you can be reimbursed.

1. Take a photo of your bill given to you by Healing Wings Counseling.

2. Better determines eligibility and follows-up with your insurance.

3. You get reimbursed directly.

Couple/Marital Counseling:

Please note - we are not specialized except for Pastoral Counseling and we do not do marital counseling unless is Christian marital/pre-engagement counseling. 


Couples/marital counseling sometimes will be treated for individual sessions at a rate of $150 and up per session (or when counseling partners separately.) If the therapist assesses that a couple must have individual counseling and sessions will be done consecutively on the same day. Couples are an additional fee per person or $175  and up if treated together in a session depending on duration.


If couples are counsel together and assessed as such, see the fee below. 

Forms of Payments:
We accept cash or checks, bank account Cash app or Square, and all credit cards (a small service fee may apply for some situations if a payment is late or we have to key your card in because of a phone payment). Heath savings cards are always accepted and welcome through and Insurance is accepted if we are a provided. Please check with your insurance company by logging on to their website using your insurance log on. Unfortunately, they are now too many different plans to check to know the many different copays and deductibles and it is your responsibility to know your plan unless you set up an account with for verification.


Cancellation Policy:
Your scheduled appointment is reserved for only you and you alone. If you need to cancel your therapy appointment, please notify us at least 12-24 hours in advance, or you will be required to pay a portion of the cost of the session which is half.  If cancellations are not done within 12 hours of the appointment, we will send you a bill explaining our policies and also the one you signed at intake. If you cannot agree with this policy, we will be happy to refer you. Your insurance will not pay for canceled sessions and may be notified if you cancel more than two times. 


Please call to notify us of a cancellation.Emails will not be checked on a regular basis and will may not be counted as within the cancellation period if not sent within 24 hour period. 


As always please call or email us with any questions you might have - we are in the business of serving people and we are happy to discuss any policy.



Partnership with Churches/Organizations:

Please call for details. We have specific partnerships through church organizations to share costs with their members.

For members: please talk with your church to see if they participate in our church partnership program. We can serve you and bill your church for shared portions of counseling sessions depending on your church's policy for counseling. 

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