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Denise (DeeDee) Fetters, LCMHC,LPCC, NCC,  Owner/ Therapist








Little More Deeper:

DeeDee has collaborated and served within secondary schools, youth detentions centers, The Ohio State University, and other universities, and private practice during her career as counselor.  She also has served many years in Youth Ministries, Youth with a Mission, International Missions, and other church volunteering as well as worked along side other churches to establish better counseling services and counseling services for pastors. 


DeeDee began her career working with high-risk adolescents and specifically with boys who were in detention centers including Ohio Department of Youth Services with multiple health /mental health and behavioral concerns.  DeeDee went on to start Healing Wings Ministries and eventually worked at COTC and Ohio State as a Therapist / Disability Evaluator for in Newark, OH including her private practice which became Healing Wings Counseling in Ohio.  DeeDee has worked with many secondary schools and college environments advocating for mental health and with disability organizations to enforce learning plus encourage new opportunities for teens and adults.  


DeeDee presently is a member of Southern Baptist Church  but also partners with many other faiths and churches in the areas for clinical and pastoral counseling needs. She started her practice in Ohio as Healing Wings Counseling & Consultation, LLC in 2003 and recently moved to North Carolina in 2020 to be closer to family. Healing Wings has now transitioned to Healing Wings Counseling PLLC.

Compassion for the Hurting and Mission:

DeeDee has deep compassion to work with those who are hurting and empathetically walks with those on a healing journey towards wellness. She has several years of experience with mental health and pastoral concerns and has advocated for those with Aspergers, ADHD, and many more learning disabilities issues in schools and counseling settings. She continues to be a pioneer in the Sensory Issues/ Aspergers Disorder field and leader with Adolescent and Adult populations. DeeDee is passionate about working and serving those who are wounded to empower them with hope and strength. Using positive and motivational counseling, she works with creative and empowering techniques to help you walk through the most difficult of struggles and pain in your life.

Pastoral Counseling: 

DeeDee uses a combination of clinical counseling and pastoral counseling to reinforce the positive in the midst of turmoil; showing you that in times of pain and conflict that the power of "rising from the ashes" comes when you forge through your struggles.  Some of the most difficult things you may be going through may become your strength and motivation to soar higher. It is sometimes through our struggles ~ we find the wings to learn to fly.


 (Please see the Butterfly Story in which the name  Healing Wings' name is based.) 

Education and Experience

DeeDee is a graduate of Ashland Theological Seminary with a Masters in Clinical Pastoral Counseling and one of the few counselors that are legally licensed to be called a Pastoral Counselor and is at the highest level in her profession, a LPCC-S (Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with Supervision Status.) since 2003 and currently LCMHC transferred to North Carolina. DeeDee has newly transitioned to North Carolina as a LCMHC in 2021.   She has also been at The Ohio State University as a Clinical Counselor and an Educational / Disability Assessor and Testing Coordinator, as well as various experiences in many secondary education systems for many years as well as been in private practice since 2003.


DeeDee has received her National Certification for Counseling from the NBCC which is a National recognition beyond the State of Ohio in 2011 and is recertified with this National board and the Ohio State licensing Board every two and three years and North Carolina two years since 2021. She specializes in anxiety, women's mood disorders, sensory disorders, trauma-related disorders, and specifically disabilities plus Christian counseling that focuses on God's plan and hope for your life.


Counseling Theories

DeeDee offers many options in therapy that may or may not include Pastoral or Christian Counseling. We always ask the client their needs and what direction is best for their healing journey. Sometimes it may include spiritual needs depending on where the client is in their walk and their importance the place on their faith. She was also trained by Dr. Terry Wardle in Inner Healing Prayer and Transformational Prayer through Ashland Seminary. Dr. Wardle was the first one who created the form of Inner Healing prayer and has written many books on the subject. 

DeeDee has also had experience and certifications with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Exposure Therapy with the Veteran's Administration that help with the extreme PTSD,  and various forms of Pastoral Counseling and Biblical Counseling which she holds a Masters of Clinical Pastoral Counseling in the State of Ohio (LPCC) and now by the license of the State of North Carolina (LCMHC).

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