Counseling Information

Currently, we are in Rural Hall, and Triad area in North Carolina including online coaching services.


Online Counseling:

Online counseling through is now available for certain clients to make it more convenient for mental health needs.Intake appointments should first meet for assessment and to see if counseling is a good fit for the client. Thereafter, arrangements can be made to prepay for tele-therapy appointments and to discuss if it is in the clients best interest. 

Also, Our Ohio clients and through the Counseling Compact law we may offer tele-health for more people. Contact us for details.


For specific needs such as major depressive disorders, suicidal ideation, or bipolar disorder- traditional office visits will be necessary. Our office is in Rural Hall, North Carolina, downtown on Broad street.  

Coaching services are offered for lesser needs for life and coping skills that can be assessed by counselor.



We offer many insurance options through Headway/NY. Otherwise, you may opt to for self-pay through our office. 



Call our office or email for more details on how to schedule an appointment or become a new client. Thereafter, our clients my schedule through our portal via