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Christian wellness and coping includes in this Package:

o  List of Calming Activities - 20 activities

o  Bible references of what our Heavenly Father says to us

o  Negative to Positive Cognitive Behavioral form / Counseling help

o  Spiritual challenges for every day for a month- 30 activities

o  Positive outlook form and goals sheet

o  Anxiety and Sadness journal 

o  Rainbow breathing technique sheet 

o  Life protection factors sheet to help see positives

o  Daily soul check in to see a new twist on journaling to increase your wellness and self-worth

o  Bad days turning to hope- how to work through bad days and increase coping when down or depressed. Practicing will create new wellness and changes in your brain! 

o Over 30 pages of coping aids and techniques to help with life! 


o All forms and designs are property of Therapy Heart Talk and Healing Wings Counseling- Personal Use only! Copyrighted and cannot be reproduced for commercial use. 


++Professional Pastoral and Clinical counselor researched and