Positive and Encouraging Counseling

Getting Started

Serving More with the New Counseling Laws and with the National Certified Counseling Board- We now can serve again our clients in OHIO and North Carolina!

  • Mental Health and Psychological Services

  • Life Skills & Positive Support

  • Pastoral Counseling

  • First responders Counseling

  • Teachers and Counselors Advocate / Coaching

  • Missionary Counseling

  • Consultation Services

In Triad Area, NC


Helping others in many areas-Ask us how!

  • Bible Verses

  • Sensory Disorders

  • Anxiety and Trauma

  • Training our Brains 

 About Healing Wings Staff

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DeeDee Fetters, LPCC-S, NCC

Clinical & Pastoral Therapist/Director


 About Healing Wings Staff

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DeeDee Fetters, LCMHC, LPCC, NCC

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Our office is opening on June 15th- in Rural Hall- Downtown on 7906 Broad St.
Please come by and see us soon!
If you have questions,
Contact us.
Email: info@healingwingscounseling.com
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See us in Rural Hall, North Carolina or by Tele-health!
Ask us how! 
Contact us.

Contact us!

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In Jesus' Name, With His Love, By His Grace, For His Glory

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