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Meet The Counselor

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Pastoral Counselor

DeeDee Specializes in the following:


  • Anxiety concerns and Social Anxiety Disorder

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder unless involves sexual abuse issues for women only. 

  • Career Counseling/Consultation for Adults

  • Grief and traumatic grief issues

  • Teacher and Counselor concerns and issues- "Burn out"

  • Learning Disabilities/Educational Advocacy-College Age

  • Pastoral and Spiritual Counseling-  trained as a Christian Counselor with Masters in Clinical Pastoral Counseling

  • Life Coaching or Stress managment 

  • Seizure disorders / such as epilepsy- mental health concerns

  • Celiac Disease and other Chronic Pain concerns/coping

  • Chronic Pain, TBI's, and Terminal illness Counseling

  • Aspergers Certified  and sensory disorders -  Adults specialization 

  • Stress management/Coaching 

  • First Responders, Counselors, Nurses, and Teachers coaching and counseling

  • All substance abuse/Addictions, Marriage Counseling, personality disorders, marital/couple counseling are referred out to individual counseling specialists.

  •  Adults to Teens- Specializing in Women's Issues (We are not certified for children)


~Ashland Theological Seminary: (MACPC) Clinical Pastoral Counseling with Honors


~Ashland University: Bachelors in  Religion/Psychology with Biology concentrations ~ Cum Laude


~Art Institute of Pittsburgh: Associates in Degree Fashion Merchandising in Art and Design/Business


~A life-long member of the Psychology National Honor Society (Psi Chi) because of Academic (Excellence per Psi Chi Association)

~Member of Southern Baptist

~Member and Certified of National Certified Counselors-2011

--Licensed Mental Health Clinical Counselor of North Carolina 2021

~Licensed Ohio Professional Clinical Counselor including licensed CT training -2003 -LPCC-2007

Bible Verse HOPE

Dee Dee Fetters, LCMHC, LPCC, NCC

Clinical and Pastoral Therapist

DeeDee Fetters, NCC, LCMHC, LPCC

DeeDee is a Christian  but also partners with many other faiths and churches in the area for clinical and pastoral counseling needs. She started her practice in Ohio as Healing Wings Counseling & Consultation, LLC in 2003 and recently moved to North Carolina in 2020 to be closer to family. Healing Wings has now transitioned to Healing Wings Counseling PLLC.

Compassion for the Hurting and Mission:

DeeDee has deep compassion to work with those who are hurting and empathetically walks with those on a healing journey towards HOPE. She has several years of experience with mental health and pastoral concerns and has advocated for those with Aspergers, ADHD, and many more learning disabilities issues in schools and counseling settings. She continues to be a pioneer in the Sensory Issues/ Aspergers Disorder field and leader with Adolescent and Adult populations. DeeDee is passionate about working and serving those who are wounded to empower them with hope and strength. Using positive and motivational counseling, working with creative and empowering techniques to help you walk through the most difficult of struggles and pain in your life.

"I have always believed in a calling for counseling  from my Lord and Savior. God has brought me through the things that were difficult so I may have more compassion and share hope for those when they need it the most." 

Our bodies are creations of a God who knows us best and created us to have a hope and future. 


If we listen to our hearts and minds when we are hurting, they will tell us what we need to know. " God helps us through relationships and sometimes we just need a little help along the way.

Dee Dee

Healing Wings Counseling
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