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About Healing Wings 

At Healing Wings Counseling/Therapy Heart Talk, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality of counseling services for our clients. We strive to create an individualized and  therapeutic environment to ensure our clients can feel comfortable and find peace. Our counselors  take extra several hours every year in education and certifications to obtain specific specialities. Please note that we may refer you if we do not specialize in the area you are looking for counseling as required as an ethical standard. We prioritize our clients’ health and strive to give them the best care possible.

Our Services

Clinical Counseling

At Healing Wings Counseling/Therapy Heart Talk, we specialize in helping women struggling with physical and mental health issues. We understand the unique challenges women face in today's society, and strive to provide comprehensive counseling services tailored to each individual's needs. Our team of experienced therapists specialize in a variety of issues, such as anxiety, grief, PTSD, and more. We provide a safe and supportive space for you to share your story and gain the tools you need to move forward in life. Whether you are seeking help during pregnancy, menopause, or any other time of life, we are here to listen and provide the guidance you need.


At Healing Wings Counseling/Therapy Heart Talk, we are passionate about providing personalized care and support to our clients. Our team of experienced counselors and therapists understand the unique challenges each individual faces and offer a safe space to help them work through their struggles. We specialize in Pastoral and Clinical therapy, but also provide Coaching through telehealth for those who need coping skills to just help with life. Our goal is to help our clients find healing and peace in their lives. Please note that tele-health has boundaries and we must assess if it is the best form of treatment for you. 


At Healing Wings Counseling/Therapy Heart Talk, we specialize in providing counseling services for individuals and families. Our team of trained and experienced counselors have a passion for helping people achieve mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. We provide a safe, non-judgmental space where clients can explore their thoughts and feelings to gain greater insight and understanding. We strive to create a holistic approach to counseling to help our clients work towards living a more fulfilling life. This includes helping churches, Christian business and much more navigate these difficult times. 

 Specialties & Services

Please schedule a consultation with us to ask more questions or schedule an intake.

Pastoral Counseling
 First Responders
Medical Disorders
specialtes PasFirstMed

Pastoral Counseling

 First Responders

Medical Disorders

Dee Dee graduated from Ashland Seminary and is considered to be a Clinical and Pastoral Counselor.

Using God's Biblical Word and teachings combined with counseling helps to establish ground hope and healing. This is a form of treatment that is personalized per client if they desire to have it in their plan.

She counsels Pastors, Church staff and missionaries, also.

Specializing in counseling for counselors, nurses, EMT, and other medical health professionals. 

DeeDee has been trained for and by VA for veterans and has worked at Ohio State providing counseling for these populations.

This includes counseling to help cope with TBIs, Seizure Disorders, Autoimmune diseases, and Cancers. It has been a specialty that has involved many dedicated hours of education and training. 

DeeDee is specialized in chronic illnesses and wellness counseling.

Specialities WellpastAutis

Wellness. Health

Dee Dee has a love for alternatives to keep your body healthy naturally and well.  

DeeDee has taken additional higher education courses for wellness and Brain health. Food is medicine for your body and can heal in certain ways. DeeDee continues to seek out specialize training in this field from Dr. Amen and other medical professionals. 

Crisis Counseling

Pastor . Missionary 

DeeDee has been on short term mission trips plus has served many different churches as well as denominations as a counselor and spiritual leader. She has had training a Master's as a pastoral counselor and feels honored and privileged to serve pastors along with its churches members as a valued servant for God's body.

Austism Aspergers

Autism. Sensory Issues

Dee Dee has been trained and created programs to help adolescents and adults in counseling. She was one of their 1st in Ohio to counsel and help people on the spectrum over the ages of 13 years old. 

Assessments are done by the counselor for these disorders and will be under insurance protocols and ethical terms. 

Heart, Spirit, and Mind Wellness

Do you feel anxious, sad or hurt by others? Emotional injuries happen more frequently than physical ones and yet we reach for a band-aid or medication naturally when we get hurt without question. If our brain or heart hurts, we feel weak or inadequate with this type of pain. Counseling is more than a quick fix but focuses on strengthening your heart, soul, and mind. It is an investment in YOU for a lifetime of amazing grace and God's healing. Life's struggles show us how to be stronger by finding hope, encouragement, and by forging through our weaknesses. When we overcome our fears & anxieties in us-  we find strength and compassion through facing even the darkest of pain.

Using a combination of strength-based Motivational, CBT, Positive tools, and Christian Counseling depending on your faith. We encourage you and look to inspire a new beginning of healing, a deeper connection with your soul, and bring peace to your body and mind. When you understand how healing begins, it brings a new passion and hope to your life.

DeeDee is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in NC, LPCC in OH,- Two Mental Health Licenses with Masters in Pastoral Counseling education and faith, She is also a NCC & a member of the National Psychology Honor Society-PSI CHI. DeeDee has experience and served in higher education, supervision, and as a learning disability specialist. She is also trained with neuropsychology and other wellness approaches to mental health to inspire and encourage hope for the present and in the future.

Clinical & Pastoral Counselor
DeeDee (Denise) Fetters, LCMHC, LPCC, NCC

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DeeDee Fetters LPCC LCMHC
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HealingWings Positives

Bible Verses to Comfort


International Version (NIV)
I will strengthen you and help you;
I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Isaiah 41:10


New International Version (NIV)

28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

Romans 12:1-21  New International Version (NIV)    A Living Sacrifice

12 Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy,

to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship. 

2 Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

 Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

Please ask us in your session for more encouraging Bible verses.

We believe God's word is living and gives us life in the darkness.  

Healing Wings Counseling
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