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Hours by Appointment only

but generally are Tuesday -Friday

1pm to 6:30pm. Please mail 988 for emergencies. If we do not answer the phone email us or text our phone number for more information. 

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For questions regarding services or scheduling a consultation-

We do not respond to spam which we do get too much of now. This is only for clients.  Please fill out the form. Thanks so much! 

Contact Details

Terms and conditions: 

-Please note: this is NOT for emergencies! Please call or text 988 for the crisis line!

-For possible new clients: please add your insurance company for verification or if you will be self pay- we cannot respond without it due to verification of your identity so an Id card or license maybe necessary. 

-We have certain specialities and you may be referred to someone who can treat you in your concern such as marital or substance abuse immediately or after assessment.

-Messages will be answered Mon-Friday during business hours.  We will return your message as soon as possible during these hours.

***Spam will be reported and not answered.  Thank you for understanding.

Thanks for submitting!

Healing Wings Counseling
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